Fresh out the box Friday: Nars hearts LA


Can you believe it? Fall is right around the corner! Crazy how time flies but I’m excited for a new season! New season equals new product launches!
I’m super excited about this launch because for one I heart LA! LA has a special place in my heart and Nars does it again with another perfectly put together palette.

Nars hearts LA launches on September 1 2013 to and just like the New York palette it will be a limited edition! So get your paws on it while you can.

This palette includes some of the top selling colors of the Nars collection for only $75 dollars!! Super steal.

It will include Turkish delight lipgloss rocked by Kim Kardashian! One of their top selling blush deep throat, the Laguna bronzer that we all love! A pale pink nail polish by the name of trouville and 4 eyeshadows that can be rocked on a daily!

Will any of you be picking up this palette set?! You know I will!

I love Nars and I love LA.

Fresh Out the Box Friday: NARS I will survive Cheek & Lips Set


Happy Friday & Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I love NARS cosmetics but what I love more than Nars Cosmetics is NARS cosmetics awesome gift sets! Yes! They create some of the best sets with awesome pricing!

I just purchased the” I will Survive” set from and this set is absolutely perfect. Perfect pricing with 3 perfect products. I have been dying to try the infamous “deep throat” gloss and blush! In this kit they are both included and it also includes the Velvet Matte Lip pencil in Sex Machine. This set is worth $75 but they sale it on their website for only $55! Yes $55 an automatic savings of $20.


The set comes in the box pictured above, and inside the box you get a cute little styrofoam covered in a velvet like material where the products are placed. They are all full size items which is another added bonus. No sample size here.

The colors are swatched below they are beautiful for everyday wear. On my skin tone the color is a beautiful peachy pink tone which is great for spring and summer wear!


I’m not too sure how long this deal will be around! So to avoid missing out go to the website now and get your I will survive set!

Fresh out the box friday: Providing you with the new new for your enjoyment!

I am glam.

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Fresh out the box: Nars loves New York <3



So I just came back from New York and it was my third time there! Every time im there i fall more in love with that state and its amazing landmarks and good eats! Clearly Nars loves New York too and they just launched this set! It is limited edition . Comes with an awesome palette that comes with 4 shadows a Laguna bronzer and a blush. It also comes with a dolce vita gloss and the Chinatown nail polish! This set is only $75 and worth every penny! As of right now I believe is the only place that carries it! So check it out you’ll love it.

MANIC MONDAY: Mary Kay Satin Lip Mask Review

It’s Monday again? These mondays have been coming and going extremely fast just like the months and these seasons! Not only is my skin confused and trying to adjust with the constant change of warm, and then freezing but so are my lips!

I feel like most of us neglect our lips when it comes to exfoliation! Okay some of us are great and do it once a week! But honestly a lot of us do not. We usually just apply our lipstick, lipgloss and chapstick and call it a day!

Matte lipsticks are in and they look best with a nice exfoliated lip! No one likes the peeling lip look with your amazing red Ruby woo from MAC or your intense pink matte lipstick from NARS in Funny Face! Face it it’s not cute.

Today’s review is on Mary Kay Satin Lips Mask! One of the best exfoliators I have come across for the lips besides Fresh Brown Sugar. I love it because it is gentle on the lips, and it only has to stay on the  for 2 minutes, not time consuming at all! Literally put this on before hopping in the shower and wash it off once you get in.


Because lips do not have sebaceous glands they tend to dry out more quickly than the rest of the body and also can age quicker. So with exfoliation we are sloughing off the dead skin cells and preventing aging at the same time! It is said that the lips age more quickly because of the thin skin on the lips. So we must exfoliate and assist with slowing down that aging process! Which is why the satin lip  mask is perfect!

The Satin lip mask contains tiny beads that gently exfoliate the skin on the lips and bring life back to the lips so they are no longer dull looking.

Some of the key ingredients in this product are:

Ascorbyl Palmitate ( Vitamin C Derivative): antioxidant. help to fight free radicals.

Retinyl Palmitate ( Vitamin A Derivative:) conditioner that improves appearance of skin.


So Mary Kay sells this as a set for $18.00 including the Satin Lip Lip Mask and the Satin Lip Balm. It can also be purchased separately at $9.50 each which is still a really good price point. Honestly you see best results when using both the lip mask and lip balm together.

Below is a photo of my lips with the mask on.

How to use:

Gently apply to lips

Leave on 1-2 minutes and remove.

Apply satin lip balm


I will be honest I do not use this once a week as I should, but I do try to make sure to do it once every 2 weeks ! And for sure I use it before wearing a matte or long-wearing lipstick. If you were in a search for a good lip exfoliator contact your local mary kay beauty advisor or purchase it online!

Just another Manic Monday mask review.

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