Changing Skin. Changing Lives. Rodan and Fields.

Who loves skin? I do! As you all know I am a product junkie not just for makeup but for all cosmetics including fragrances and my biggest obsession lately has been Skincare! Why you ask? Because this year I will be 30 years old and I have slowly noticed little signs of aging. Instead of waiting until I’m extremely wrinkled and have to attempt to get botox i’ve decided to take a preventative measure and start now. 

Why else do i love skin? Because as a makeup artist I have learned that beautiful makeup ultimately starts with flawless beautiful skin. I don’t use makeup to mask imperfections but instead to enhance beautiful features.
I recently came across a line called Rodan and Fields! This little gem of a skincare line was created by the same dermatologists that created proactiv. We all know proactiv the acne fighting skincare line that have helped many kids, teens ,adults and celebs! It’s helped them with their acne that created insecurities.
Well, they have also created 4 different lines under the Rodan and Fields skincare line, there is something for everyones skin concern and the results are phenomenal. The 4 lines are Redefine, Soothe, Reverse and Unblemish.
1. Redefine it is great for fine lines and wrinkles, tightness and firmness of skin.
Below is a before and after photo of someone using the redefine regimen the results are mind blowing. This clients crows feet have minimized after only 2.5 months of use.


2. Reverse a wonderful regimen that helps with evening out skin tone, brightening skin, and helps with hyper pigmentation. Look at the unbelievable before and afters on this client. 7d3695857833e3fcf2c4011b36081c50

3. Soothe an awesome line created for those with sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin. I use this on my daughters eczema and have seen great results, and she is less itchy. The results with soothe are so great some feel relief within minutes.

4. And last but not least is the unblemish line great for those with acne, many acne prone clients have seen results very quickly and have also minimized the appearance of dark spots that some people get from acne.

Every single line with Rodan and fields is so wonderful. We have something for everyone. After using it I loved it soo much I decided to be an Independent Consultant for the company because I believe in their products! If you have any questions, want samples or want to purchase products you can go to my website.
or email me at
want to join my team

Tuesday Shoes Day! – Nike SkyHi Dunk Sneakerboot


Tuesday Shoes Day! Hello everyone long time no see and Happy Early Thanksgiving! So I’ve been away for a while but I am back to blog about the things I am absolutely in love with beauty and fashion! And most importantly one of my top weaknesses besides makeup and skincare! Shoes!! Tuesday is usually “Tight Wallet Tuesday” but I have added a new topic due to my other addiction. Tuesday Shoes Day! 

My featured shoe today is the Nike Sky Hi Dunk Sneakerboot! Priced at $180


These shoes are to die for.

For one these include the hidden wedge, the color scheme is bomb, and the duck boot toe on this screams fall! It comes in three color schemes. Olive, A cream, and an all black. 


The olive is my ultimate favorite and I cannot wait to get my hands on these! 

What do you guys think of these beauties? I’m in love.


Tuesday Shoes Day. Im in love.

I am glam.

I am gluttony.


Tight wallet Tuesday : Belletto studio HD airbrush


It’s Tight wallet Tuesday! Sorry it has been awhile! I’ve been pretty busy! But, I’ve finally figured out a schedule to continue blogging, be a mom, continue my makeup artist gigs and my new endeavor going back to college for my general Ed. So anyways enough about the ranting and raving!

I have a new TIGHT wallet Tuesday and Its the Belletto studio airbrush machine! Okay so I’ve been on a hunt for a nice compact airbrush machine. A lot of times brides request airbrush makeup and I just honestly did not like the idea of dragging around the big iwata compressor that I already have! It was huge and heavy . So I finally decided on the Belletto studio because it has great reviews and a pretty good price! Originally this set is around $350 but I got the best deal ever on Groupon!

Have you guys ever used Groupon? Groupon is great! So I got this on groupon last week for $89! Yes $89 it includes the airbrush gun, the compressor , 2 foundation colors, a blush , a highlighter and the airbrush cleaner! Such an amazing deal.

Why airbrush?
A lot of people tend to love Airbrush makeup because it gives you a nice flawless finish, the actual product is water proof or water resistant. It is also super quick and efficient and a little product goes a long way.

Want one?

Be on the look out because sometimes Belletto studio will also have promotions on hautelook! It’s so worth it! Once I play around with it i’ll show you before and after photos!

If you have always wanted an airbrush machine and it was never within your budget now you can definitely afford it!

Tight wallet Tuesday : being glam on a budget!

Makeup of the day: Blues Clues


While cleaning through my makeup I ran into a blue eyeshadow that I absolutely loved when I worked at MAC called tilt ! And decided to have a field day on my eye makeup! I used royal wink fluid line and tilt on the lid, Samoa silk on the crease, and contrast on the outer crease. Don’t forget my homewrecker lashes from true or false lasheS!

Hope you enjoyed the makeup of the day!

Turn heads Thursday : Fall 2013 on the runway Maybelline



Took a stroll into the new Walgreens for nothing more than a box for shipping something I needed to return. The first thing I see when I walk in is this gorgeous cardboard display of maybellines fall 2013 on the runway collection!

It was like purple rain! I immediately went crazy and threw all of the purple lipsticks in my basket! Purple is my favorite color and I love it in lipstick form because its screams fashion forward! As I continued to look through what they had to offer, I died when I saw the purple gloss! Omg this gloss color I have never seen anywhere! It was like poisonberry by limecrime in a gloss form!

Here are swatches of the colors I purchased.

This is the gloss colorsensational high shine lipgloss it’s limited edition so get it while you can its called purple royale #295.

Here are the 3 purple lipsticks I purchased! All of these are limited edition as well lavender voltage #1000, violet intrigue #995 and lastly midnight plum #1005!

I am extremely intrigued by the gloss intense pigment below is a photo of just the gloss. There isn’t any lip liner, lipstick or filter!


I am so happy that I randomly ran into this collection on accident! If you love purples go hunt for this limited edition collection it’s bomb!

Turn heads Thursday: make a statement, be glamorous.

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We love lashes Wednesday: Wink of Pink Maybelline Great Lash


So you’ve all seen my wonderful Maybelline great lash haul from target the other day! I figured I might as well swatch and try all of the colors and present them to you in my ” we love lashes Wednesday series”.

Today’s first great lash limited edition mascara I will feature is the wink of pink! I’ve never had a pink mascara so I was pretty excited to try it!
As you can see from the photos this mascara is really pink! It was even pink enough for my boyfriend to say ” hey your eyelashes are pink” !
The pigment is even more intense when you apply a lash primer underneath. I used tartes lash primer and got great results!

The photo above shows my lashes before, mascara without primer and mascara with primer!

This is definitely a game changer! Too bad its limited edition! Better hop on ir before they disappear! Maybelline does it again!

We love lashes Wednesday!

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Target Haul: Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition 2013


For the last month I have been on the hunt for these limited edition Maybelline great lash mascaras! I first ran across the ad for these in Allure or Elle magazine about a month ago, I tore the advertisement out and put it in my planner to remind me. I don’t know about you but if I don’t have a list or a reminder these days I totally forget what I’m supposed to do/ or buy.

So to my surprise while back to school shopping I finally found them! In all 6 colors, and you know me couldn’t pick 3 so I got all 6! They were only $4.50 per mascara and the best colors ever. Plus, when I searched for them online on amazon people were selling them for $15 a mascara because they are limited and selling out! Super glad I found them!

The colors come in pink, berry, purple, blue, teal and green! And of course they all have extremely catchy names.

Pink = wink of pink
Teal = teal appeal
Purple = vision in violet
Berry = so very berry
Blue = I see blue
Green = green with envy

Did anyone purchase any of these mascaras? And if so which ones did you get?!

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Fine Finger Friday : O.P.I San Francisco collection


I know I’m probably the last person on earth to know about this, better yet blog about it! But this OPI collection!!!


I love San Francisco it’s such a beautiful city with so many beautiful landmarks! And I love it even more because I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This chic little collection includes 15 new OPI shades, 3 of them being liquid sands. The names are super cute to go along with their uber cute colors! Some of my faves to name a few are “it’s all San Andrea’s fault” , ” I knead sour-dough” and ” first date at the golden gate”.

Love love the names they totally speak the heart of San Francisco!

I need to buy a couple of items from this collection! Did anyone buy any? I’d love to know which ones you picked up.

I am glam
I am gluttony

Fresh out the box Friday: Nars hearts LA


Can you believe it? Fall is right around the corner! Crazy how time flies but I’m excited for a new season! New season equals new product launches!
I’m super excited about this launch because for one I heart LA! LA has a special place in my heart and Nars does it again with another perfectly put together palette.

Nars hearts LA launches on September 1 2013 to and just like the New York palette it will be a limited edition! So get your paws on it while you can.

This palette includes some of the top selling colors of the Nars collection for only $75 dollars!! Super steal.

It will include Turkish delight lipgloss rocked by Kim Kardashian! One of their top selling blush deep throat, the Laguna bronzer that we all love! A pale pink nail polish by the name of trouville and 4 eyeshadows that can be rocked on a daily!

Will any of you be picking up this palette set?! You know I will!

I love Nars and I love LA.