Changing Skin. Changing Lives. Rodan and Fields.

Who loves skin? I do! As you all know I am a product junkie not just for makeup but for all cosmetics including fragrances and my biggest obsession lately has been Skincare! Why you ask? Because this year I will be 30 years old and I have slowly noticed little signs of aging. Instead of waiting until I’m extremely wrinkled and have to attempt to get botox i’ve decided to take a preventative measure and start now. 

Why else do i love skin? Because as a makeup artist I have learned that beautiful makeup ultimately starts with flawless beautiful skin. I don’t use makeup to mask imperfections but instead to enhance beautiful features.
I recently came across a line called Rodan and Fields! This little gem of a skincare line was created by the same dermatologists that created proactiv. We all know proactiv the acne fighting skincare line that have helped many kids, teens ,adults and celebs! It’s helped them with their acne that created insecurities.
Well, they have also created 4 different lines under the Rodan and Fields skincare line, there is something for everyones skin concern and the results are phenomenal. The 4 lines are Redefine, Soothe, Reverse and Unblemish.
1. Redefine it is great for fine lines and wrinkles, tightness and firmness of skin.
Below is a before and after photo of someone using the redefine regimen the results are mind blowing. This clients crows feet have minimized after only 2.5 months of use.


2. Reverse a wonderful regimen that helps with evening out skin tone, brightening skin, and helps with hyper pigmentation. Look at the unbelievable before and afters on this client. 7d3695857833e3fcf2c4011b36081c50

3. Soothe an awesome line created for those with sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin. I use this on my daughters eczema and have seen great results, and she is less itchy. The results with soothe are so great some feel relief within minutes.

4. And last but not least is the unblemish line great for those with acne, many acne prone clients have seen results very quickly and have also minimized the appearance of dark spots that some people get from acne.

Every single line with Rodan and fields is so wonderful. We have something for everyone. After using it I loved it soo much I decided to be an Independent Consultant for the company because I believe in their products! If you have any questions, want samples or want to purchase products you can go to my website.
or email me at
want to join my team

What’s in the bag Wednesday: July Ipsy Bag

ImageMy July Ipsy Bag is here! I actually got it almost two weeks but I have been so busy that I am just getting to post my goodies now! My Ipsy bag this month came with a cute clear bright pink cylinder shaped makeup bag. Inside I received a Pop Pouty pop crayon in Rose Romance, BH cosmetics California Collection Palette, Coola Mineral Sunscreen, Benefit Cosmetics Benetint and Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray.

All of these items tie into the theme for the month “Beach Beauty”.

I can’t wait to use the Beach spray by Healthy sexy hair! That is one of my fav haircare brands.

Below are a few swatches of the items I received.


This is a swatch of the Pop Pouty Pop Crayon in Rose Romance- it is a soft neutral pink perfect for a natural look!

bh cosmetics california collection

Here are swatches from the BH cosmetics California Collection eyeshadow palette. The purple is Hollywood, San Francisco is the bronze and Malibu is the gold. These colors do not have the best pigment, you will definitely need to pack these on.

These are the items that I have received in my July Ipsy Bag!
Until the next time. ❤

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Manic Monday Mask Review: Glam Glow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask


Back with another Manic Monday Mask Review! It’s been a minute since I’ve reviewed a mask! This mask right here is one of my absolute favorite masks! I know I say that about a lot of things but this mask gives me instant gratification immediately! 

So just a little history on the mask! It’s made in California my home state! Hollywood to be exact. It was created to be your quick fix before you hit the red carpet. It’s created for both men and women, all ages, and all skin types! It’s a quick 10 minute mud mask that you can apply before hopping in the shower.

What is this amazing mask supposed to do for your skin?

It is designed to give you the glow back in your skin, exfoliate, tighten, smooth and soften the skin. It also removes impurities without removing the natural oils in your skin! 

How do you use it?



 Apply a thin layer to a clean face

Remove mask with warm water in circular motions

Use twice a week or as often as you’d like.

Here is my skin with the product on and my face after. My skin is tight, glowing, and my skin tone is even.


What’s in this product?

What is making my skin amazing?


* French Sea Clay: absorbs toxic substances and impurities

* Volcanic Pumice Rock: exfoliates dead skin cells , smoothes out fine lines and softens face texture.

*Green Tea Leaf Pieces: Super antioxidant 


Interested in purchasing?

A 0.5 oz is $19.00 and a 1.7 oz is $69.00

As I always mention you can go to a Sephora location and get a sample before committing to the purchase! But honestly it is so worth the money! 

Have any of you tried this mask yet?

Until the next Manic Monday.

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Moisture Monday: Garnier Skin Renew Daily Moisture Lotion (anti-sun damage)

So I finally transitioned to a new daily moisturizer. I was using Timeless Secret SPF 20 moisturizer it was my absolute fav daily moisturizer but it is now discontinued and no longer existent. I used the very last of my last bottle yesterday and this morning started using my Garnier Skin Renew Daily Moisture lotion. The reason this product caught my eye was on the box it mentions it has an SPF 28 and it was also anti aging helping with uneven skin tone, sun spots, and fine lines. If I can give you one tip in life it is that sunscreen is imperative in your daily skin care regimen! Plus it was only $12.00 at CVS.


So before I go on to tell you a little more about this product I have to admit that this might be my new fav face sunscreen! For one it is an SPF 28 and since I am african american it is extremely difficult to find a sunscreen that does not leave a white streaky finish on my face and this product has no white streaks what so ev! And I am feeling moisturized without looking overly greasy! So far so good.

The good good about the product.

reasonably priced for 2.5 oz

helps reverse visible signs of sun damage

studies show…RESULTS

instantly: skin is smoother and brighter

4 weeks: sun spots brighten, skin is more even and fine lines are diminished

Formulation Facts:

Dermatologist tested

Oil free 99.9%

Non comedogenic- wont clog pores

Allergy tested

Non Greasy.

Moisture Mondays.

Stay moisturized and SPF-ed up! Summer is right around the corner! I love the sun but the sun is no joke! Protect your beautiful skin!

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Manic Monday: Kate Somerville exfoliate review

It really is a manic Monday or better yet it was a manic weekend! Such an amazing weekend full of events! Birthday parties and the best blessing of all one of my BFFs delivered her first baby boy! Healthy and super adorbs! I’ve been at the hospital the past two days and decided a good exfoliation was necessary!

Exfolikate by Kate Somerville is one of my all time favorite exfoliators. The scent and the results are EVERYTHING. This product is so gentle  I can use it twice a week ! Keeps my  skin as smooth as a babies bottom and glowing like a pregnant mother! Those analogies work today because I have baby on the brain. 🙂 But in all honesty this keeps my skin clean, smooth, bright and glowing!

Another pretty cool thing is Kate Somerville has 3 different formulas of this product based on your skin type. There is exfolikate intensive exfoliating treatment, exfolikate gentle exfoliating treatment and exfolikate acne clearing treatment, and lastly the exfolikate body intensive exfoliating treatment. The prices range from $22 to $175 depending on size from 0.5 oz to a 5 oz size. It is definitely a little pricey but is equivalent to getting a facial by Kate Somerville they say!

This product can be used up to twice a week. You apply to the face and apply with circular motions. Leave on for 20-30 seconds. They say do not scrub and just let the enzymes do their job.

I wish I had a before and after photo for you! Maybe I will update this post with a photo. Have any of you tried this exfoliator?

This was the perfect relaxation for my busy weekend. Until the next manic Monday.

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Manic Monday: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Purifying Clay Mask Acai

I’ve been gone for a while on an amazing birthday trip to New York but i’m back with another mask review. I figured while unpacking I could throw on a new mask and feed my skin some goodness. So that is exactly what I did. I came across this really inexpensive mask at CVS I believe it was only $3.99. I picked it up because I love Clay masks, I love the idea of them extracting dirt from the pores. And Secondly because it was Acai. We all know the acai is a wonderful antioxidant, and we all know antioxidants fight free radicals so this was a perfect combo for me!


This mask is packed with natural ingredients and not only does it have Acai extract but it includes 
Goji, Pomegranate, Mango, Mangosteen, Cranberry, Noni and Blueberry! The most high packed antioxidant fruits! This is just one amazing fruit basket for the face and it smells just as good too!

It’s main focus is to help with skin damage, soften and brighten the skin.

This can be used two times a week or as often as needed.

Very simple to use: Apply mask to face and neck avoiding the eye area. Let dry, and then rinse with warm water.

Below is a photo with the mask on. I love the consistency of this product it glides on smoothly for a clay mask . Sometimes with a clay mask it’s not as easy to maneuver on the skin this one slipped and slide. 


I wish there was a scratch and sniff feature, because this product smells like fresh fruit heaven.


Here is my Before and After, you can see a little bit of an improvement in brightness. But I can definitely feel the softness of the skin a lot more. For $3.99 this product is totally worth it! It is also a really good mask if you are in a hurry and need a fresh face!


Until the next Manic Monday! Have a good week.

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So I have been patiently waiting for my AJ Crimson BB Cream to come in. If you guys don’t know who AJ Crimson is he is a celebrity makeup artist based out of Los Angeles but travels nationwide. Btw, one of the sweetest and most humble makeup artist I have ever met!

So he launched a new creme foundation and BB cream line for all skin types and all races which was already intriguing.But I also follow him on instagram: @Ajcrimson and came across his before and afters of the BB creme and I was in disbelief. There was no way in the world this BB cream was making skin look like this without any other concealer. Everyone’s skin had coverage and it was dewey and glowed like natural skin. It was absolutely amazing. And being the product junkie that I am I had to give this BB cream a try! On top of that I go to the website and it is back ordered, this must be good stuff.

ImageSo I patiently waited and received my package on Monday! I was way excited to try it. Usually, I play with makeup right when I get it but I was thinking if it is as bomb as it seems I want to save it for a day when i’m going out.


So here is the AJ Crimson BB Cream in #3. If comparing to MAC shades it would be comparable to it says NC35 but i’m thinking more of a range from NC40,NC42 or NC44 in studio fix fluid. And with Makeup For Ever HD foundation it says 170. The best part about it is it’s like any other bb cream, your moisturizer, primer, and foundation in one, and a little goes an extremely long way.



Here is my before and after. I am really blessed with pretty good skin, but I do have some imperfections and occasional dark circles. I used absolutely nothing on my face but the AJ Crimson in BB creme #3- meaning no concealers or highlighters. I did  of course use eyeshadow, brows, eyeliner, mascara and blush on the after photo. Also no filters were used in this photo either.

What do you guys think about the before and after?


I am extremely pleased with the product it evens me out with one product, its not heavy on the skin! Best of all for you who rush in the morning this is all you need! Just this BB cream and you are good to go! You can currently preorder your shade on the BB cream is currently on sale for $20 and worth every penny.


Thank you AJ for launching such an amazing product for all ethnicities, because we all know it can be a struggle finding a BB cream for a darker skin tone! 

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For comparison chart of AJ Crimsons BB cream and Creme foundations see below



MANIC MONDAY: Mary Kay Satin Lip Mask Review

It’s Monday again? These mondays have been coming and going extremely fast just like the months and these seasons! Not only is my skin confused and trying to adjust with the constant change of warm, and then freezing but so are my lips!

I feel like most of us neglect our lips when it comes to exfoliation! Okay some of us are great and do it once a week! But honestly a lot of us do not. We usually just apply our lipstick, lipgloss and chapstick and call it a day!

Matte lipsticks are in and they look best with a nice exfoliated lip! No one likes the peeling lip look with your amazing red Ruby woo from MAC or your intense pink matte lipstick from NARS in Funny Face! Face it it’s not cute.

Today’s review is on Mary Kay Satin Lips Mask! One of the best exfoliators I have come across for the lips besides Fresh Brown Sugar. I love it because it is gentle on the lips, and it only has to stay on the  for 2 minutes, not time consuming at all! Literally put this on before hopping in the shower and wash it off once you get in.


Because lips do not have sebaceous glands they tend to dry out more quickly than the rest of the body and also can age quicker. So with exfoliation we are sloughing off the dead skin cells and preventing aging at the same time! It is said that the lips age more quickly because of the thin skin on the lips. So we must exfoliate and assist with slowing down that aging process! Which is why the satin lip  mask is perfect!

The Satin lip mask contains tiny beads that gently exfoliate the skin on the lips and bring life back to the lips so they are no longer dull looking.

Some of the key ingredients in this product are:

Ascorbyl Palmitate ( Vitamin C Derivative): antioxidant. help to fight free radicals.

Retinyl Palmitate ( Vitamin A Derivative:) conditioner that improves appearance of skin.


So Mary Kay sells this as a set for $18.00 including the Satin Lip Lip Mask and the Satin Lip Balm. It can also be purchased separately at $9.50 each which is still a really good price point. Honestly you see best results when using both the lip mask and lip balm together.

Below is a photo of my lips with the mask on.

How to use:

Gently apply to lips

Leave on 1-2 minutes and remove.

Apply satin lip balm


I will be honest I do not use this once a week as I should, but I do try to make sure to do it once every 2 weeks ! And for sure I use it before wearing a matte or long-wearing lipstick. If you were in a search for a good lip exfoliator contact your local mary kay beauty advisor or purchase it online!

Just another Manic Monday mask review.

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Friends & Family WIth Ulta 20% off! 2 days only!

ImageWoke up to this email! 2 days only in store and online at ULTA beauty Friends and Family 20% Promotion! So you know those Real Technique Brushes I was just talking about on Tuesday! You can get the buy one get one 50% off and still get 20% off on top of it! Take Advantage, it will Totz be worth it! 

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Hop on it.

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Manic Monday: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask review

It’s Monday again! And I’m back with another cure for the Monday blues! When you get home kick off your shoes and relax your feet and try this organic, natural resurfacing mask by Tata Harper.

Have you guys heard of Tata Harper? Such an unbelievable line of skincare and aromatherapy products! First of all it is 100% natural ingredients, and non-toxic ingredients 100% of the time! That is extremely hard to come by with a skincare line. They manufacture their own products! They manufacture in small batches in their Vermont lab to ensure the freshness of their products. There formulas are concentrated with anywhere from 9 to 29 active ingredients in every single bottle! And best of all, all of the ingredients are grown on their own farm in Vermont to make sure that they are completely organic!

This company is also animal cruelty free there is no testing on animals what so ever!

ImageSo the mask that I will be talking about today and absolutely love is the resurfacing mask! This mask is designed to get your skin glowing immediately! It’s primary focus is to eliminate dull skin cells, and minimize the appearance of pores and keep the skin looking soft! It’s great for all skin types, but if you have sensitive skin eczema or rosacea it is not recommended.

How to use:

Can be used once a week for oil and blemish control.

For immediate glow apply a thick layer on a clean face.

Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes! 10 minutes if you have sensitive skin.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water. This product can also be used as a spot treatment, put a dab on blemish and let sit over night.

Because these products are extremely natural make sure to store in a cool dry place.


Gel like consistency.


Thick layer applied over face.

The Tata Harper resurfacing mask is 81% organic, with 11 Active Ingredients. Some of the Active Ingredients in this product are:

Pink Clay: Reduces pore size,detoxifies and tones without stripping the skin

Beet extract: promotes hydration in the outer layers of the skin

White willow extract: gently exfoliates

Witch hazel: minimizes pores and reduces inflammation


Aloe vera: naturally stimulates healthy cell growth!


This is my Before and After of the Tata Harper resurfacing mask. You can really see the instant gratification of the brighter smoother skin.

If you ever get the chance to try this product you will be surprised at the results considering it is all natural botanicals! It runs about $55 a jar and can be found at the Tata Harper website or  at your local Space NK  or the Space NK website If you go to a Space NK they will be able to provide you with a sample that way you can give it a try before purchasing!

Make your Monday not so Manic and try this resurfacing mask, the ingredients will not only provide you with brighter and softer skin, but the scent of the botanicals will soothe your soul like aromatherapy.

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