Turn heads Thursday : Fall 2013 on the runway Maybelline



Took a stroll into the new Walgreens for nothing more than a box for shipping something I needed to return. The first thing I see when I walk in is this gorgeous cardboard display of maybellines fall 2013 on the runway collection!

It was like purple rain! I immediately went crazy and threw all of the purple lipsticks in my basket! Purple is my favorite color and I love it in lipstick form because its screams fashion forward! As I continued to look through what they had to offer, I died when I saw the purple gloss! Omg this gloss color I have never seen anywhere! It was like poisonberry by limecrime in a gloss form!

Here are swatches of the colors I purchased.

This is the gloss colorsensational high shine lipgloss it’s limited edition so get it while you can its called purple royale #295.

Here are the 3 purple lipsticks I purchased! All of these are limited edition as well lavender voltage #1000, violet intrigue #995 and lastly midnight plum #1005!

I am extremely intrigued by the gloss intense pigment below is a photo of just the gloss. There isn’t any lip liner, lipstick or filter!


I am so happy that I randomly ran into this collection on accident! If you love purples go hunt for this limited edition collection it’s bomb!

Turn heads Thursday: make a statement, be glamorous.

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Target Haul: Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition 2013


For the last month I have been on the hunt for these limited edition Maybelline great lash mascaras! I first ran across the ad for these in Allure or Elle magazine about a month ago, I tore the advertisement out and put it in my planner to remind me. I don’t know about you but if I don’t have a list or a reminder these days I totally forget what I’m supposed to do/ or buy.

So to my surprise while back to school shopping I finally found them! In all 6 colors, and you know me couldn’t pick 3 so I got all 6! They were only $4.50 per mascara and the best colors ever. Plus, when I searched for them online on amazon people were selling them for $15 a mascara because they are limited and selling out! Super glad I found them!

The colors come in pink, berry, purple, blue, teal and green! And of course they all have extremely catchy names.

Pink = wink of pink
Teal = teal appeal
Purple = vision in violet
Berry = so very berry
Blue = I see blue
Green = green with envy

Did anyone purchase any of these mascaras? And if so which ones did you get?!

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Fresh out the box Friday: Nars hearts LA


Can you believe it? Fall is right around the corner! Crazy how time flies but I’m excited for a new season! New season equals new product launches!
I’m super excited about this launch because for one I heart LA! LA has a special place in my heart and Nars does it again with another perfectly put together palette.

Nars hearts LA launches on September 1 2013 to narscosmetics.com and just like the New York palette it will be a limited edition! So get your paws on it while you can.

This palette includes some of the top selling colors of the Nars collection for only $75 dollars!! Super steal.

It will include Turkish delight lipgloss rocked by Kim Kardashian! One of their top selling blush deep throat, the Laguna bronzer that we all love! A pale pink nail polish by the name of trouville and 4 eyeshadows that can be rocked on a daily!

Will any of you be picking up this palette set?! You know I will!

I love Nars and I love LA.

Turn heads Thursday: Beyonces Pixie cut


Last night on Instagram Beyonce shocked all of us with a photo of a pixie cut! Most of us were trying to figure it out if it was the real deal or if she was a rocking a wig. But this morning sources are saying she chopped it off!
I love it! She has a beautiful face with great face structure! I actually chopped my hair that short 3 years ago! It’s a nice fresh start and plus its just hair!
It will grow back quickly and on top of that we will never see the ugly growing out in between stage because she has the funds to get her the best weave In town!

Here are the other photos she posted on Instagram

I absolutely love it! She is definitely making a statement



Turn heads Thursday! Make them notice you.

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Store my heart: Mirror Mirror Studio

This is my 2nd store (stole) my heart post! Or better yet Studio my heart! ❤  

One of my old classmates from Cosmetology school has been dying to do a photo shoot with my daughter and I for the past 3 years and we finally got around to it in the beginning of this past July !

Natali is super talented and awesome behind the lens. You can find her photography and beauty studio “Mirror Mirror” in the heart of the mission district of San Francisco. 

I’m in love with our photos. She truly captured my daughter and I’s personalities. ❤



Looking for a great photographer who works well with kids. She is also great for weddings or maternity shoots! contact her.Image 






Mirror Mirror Studio

3150 18th St
Ste 112
(between Folsom St & Treat Ave) 
San Francisco, CA 94110
Neighborhood: Mission

(415) 420-9431


What’s in the box Wednesday ? : August julep maven


It’s not yet August but it will be tomorrow and my julep maven box has already arrived! Last friday to be exact! I love their speedy service!
This months box theme is celebrating julep mavens second year as a monthly subscription! Yay! Happy two year anniversary!
As always super cute packaging below are some photos of how the box was packed this month..





I thought it was super cute that they included “forget me not seeds” and the message was “thank you for growing with us!” I tell you the marketing ideas with this company are absolutely awesome!

Lastly here are the colors I received this month in my “it girl” package . Nellie which is the deep pink/ magenta color. Fiore which seems to be a deep gray with a purple undertone and also Marjorie an orange with a slight shimmer!


As always I am extremely impressed with my box! Only $19.99 per month with approximately a $45 value per box!

It’s definitely a box worth subscribing too. Interested click the link below let them know I sent you!


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Tight Wallet Tuesday: Wet & Wild “Fergie” On Edge Creme Eyeliner

Out of all the topics I post on my blog Tight Wallet Tuesday is my absolute favorite topic! It’s been a little while since I’ve brought you guys one of these! But I’m truly happy that this is one of my comeback post!

This product makes you say MAC fluidline who?! No lies the consistency, the color pay off , the price, the staying power! This doesn’t even give Mac a run for their money it RAN Mac.

This mystery product is Wet and Wild’s “Fergie” creme liner “on the edge”. It comes in black – little black dress and a brown cocoa Riche!


So I figured I would buy the brown color because my dip down fluidline from MAC was completely dried out. I was $5 away from free shipping on drugstore.com and this was perfect $4.99!


So the jar looks pretty similar to the fluidline packaging shown above! It’s a nice rich brown and it glides on like you would not believe!


I promise you this product is long lasting, waterproof, smudge proof and it has a crease resistant finish so you can use it as a base for a bold smokey eye!

And to add to the amazingness it’s not tested on animals!

It’s a 0.10 oz but a little goes an extremely long way! And actually MAC fluidline is the exact same size
At $16! You can buy almost 4 of these for the price of one!

This product will leave you saying MAC fluidline who? $16 for what?

Go out and get it! You’ll love me for it!

Tight wallet Tuesday: being glam on a budget

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Fine Finger Friday: NCLA x Melody Ehsani Bandana Nail Wraps

photo 1

NCLA a super cool nail/manicure company based out of Southern California! I was always intrigued with their ridiculously Dope Nail wraps and bright nail polish colors. I finally invested in some of their nail wraps and might I add I got tons of compliments on them!

Slightly Gangster and Super Chic at the same time! These bandana nail wraps come with red bandanas and black bandanas! It also includes a nail file! Pictured Below

photo 2

photo 3

And here’s what I did with them! I alternated fingers with a solid white and black nail and some bandanas in between! What do you think?


Im loving them! And I cant wait to rock all the other nail wraps I got! Go check out their websites you’ll fall in love with all the unique nail wraps!


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What’s in the Box Wednesday: Julep Maven July Box

ImageIt is literally Christmas in July! Literally two days after receiving my June Julep Maven box I received my July box! Although this is only my second box with Julep this is my fave! The theme, the packaging, the inserts, the colors of the polish I absolutely love it all.

The theme is “California Coast” it has the golden gate bridge in the background. It’s representing the beautiful San Francisco. Sooo pretty. The colors represent the sun and the ocean. The brown zig zagged tissue represents the sand! This box was just perfectly put together!

The marketing and product development team did an outstanding job!

The colors I received this month are gorgeous as well.

I received Angela the dark navy with teal iridescent.

Nadia the golden yellow

and Tracy the Navy with silver glitter!

Oh yes and we can’t forget the free surprise gift! The Green tea facial blotting papers that I am dying to try!


Don’t forget if you are interested in joining use the link below!

Let them know I sent you!


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Manic Monday Mask Review: Glam Glow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask


Back with another Manic Monday Mask Review! It’s been a minute since I’ve reviewed a mask! This mask right here is one of my absolute favorite masks! I know I say that about a lot of things but this mask gives me instant gratification immediately! 

So just a little history on the mask! It’s made in California my home state! Hollywood to be exact. It was created to be your quick fix before you hit the red carpet. It’s created for both men and women, all ages, and all skin types! It’s a quick 10 minute mud mask that you can apply before hopping in the shower.

What is this amazing mask supposed to do for your skin?

It is designed to give you the glow back in your skin, exfoliate, tighten, smooth and soften the skin. It also removes impurities without removing the natural oils in your skin! 

How do you use it?



 Apply a thin layer to a clean face

Remove mask with warm water in circular motions

Use twice a week or as often as you’d like.

Here is my skin with the product on and my face after. My skin is tight, glowing, and my skin tone is even.


What’s in this product?

What is making my skin amazing?


* French Sea Clay: absorbs toxic substances and impurities

* Volcanic Pumice Rock: exfoliates dead skin cells , smoothes out fine lines and softens face texture.

*Green Tea Leaf Pieces: Super antioxidant 


Interested in purchasing?

A 0.5 oz is $19.00 and a 1.7 oz is $69.00

As I always mention you can go to a Sephora location and get a sample before committing to the purchase! But honestly it is so worth the money! 

Have any of you tried this mask yet?

Until the next Manic Monday.

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