Thrift Adventure Thursdays: Reconstructed Vintage Crop tops 31 RAX

One of my really close friends Stephanie owns her own little amazing thrift store in the mission district of San Francisco ! The name of the store is 31 rax If you are ever in the area please visit and let her know that Charrie sent you! She has some great finds and great ideas. I recently modeled for her new reconstructed vintage crop tops. Her and her team have flipped long dresses, polyester long sleeves, and old t-shirts into completely fab items for summer! Here are a few photos of me rockin the goodness! 



If you get the opportunity stop by her store! Go on her website! Follow her on @instagram : @31rax. You will be able to keep track all of the amazing things going on in her store, fashion shows they are rockin, or new items that arrived!

Oh btw, my shorts are also made by another one of my super creative amazing friends Michelle! Who also has her own reconstructed vintage website! Check her out too! ❤

Thrift Adventure Thursdays: Flippin old sh*t and making it new again!

Moisture Monday: Garnier Skin Renew Daily Moisture Lotion (anti-sun damage)

So I finally transitioned to a new daily moisturizer. I was using Timeless Secret SPF 20 moisturizer it was my absolute fav daily moisturizer but it is now discontinued and no longer existent. I used the very last of my last bottle yesterday and this morning started using my Garnier Skin Renew Daily Moisture lotion. The reason this product caught my eye was on the box it mentions it has an SPF 28 and it was also anti aging helping with uneven skin tone, sun spots, and fine lines. If I can give you one tip in life it is that sunscreen is imperative in your daily skin care regimen! Plus it was only $12.00 at CVS.


So before I go on to tell you a little more about this product I have to admit that this might be my new fav face sunscreen! For one it is an SPF 28 and since I am african american it is extremely difficult to find a sunscreen that does not leave a white streaky finish on my face and this product has no white streaks what so ev! And I am feeling moisturized without looking overly greasy! So far so good.

The good good about the product.

reasonably priced for 2.5 oz

helps reverse visible signs of sun damage

studies show…RESULTS

instantly: skin is smoother and brighter

4 weeks: sun spots brighten, skin is more even and fine lines are diminished

Formulation Facts:

Dermatologist tested

Oil free 99.9%

Non comedogenic- wont clog pores

Allergy tested

Non Greasy.

Moisture Mondays.

Stay moisturized and SPF-ed up! Summer is right around the corner! I love the sun but the sun is no joke! Protect your beautiful skin!

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Fresh Out the Box Friday: NARS I will survive Cheek & Lips Set


Happy Friday & Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I love NARS cosmetics but what I love more than Nars Cosmetics is NARS cosmetics awesome gift sets! Yes! They create some of the best sets with awesome pricing!

I just purchased the” I will Survive” set from and this set is absolutely perfect. Perfect pricing with 3 perfect products. I have been dying to try the infamous “deep throat” gloss and blush! In this kit they are both included and it also includes the Velvet Matte Lip pencil in Sex Machine. This set is worth $75 but they sale it on their website for only $55! Yes $55 an automatic savings of $20.


The set comes in the box pictured above, and inside the box you get a cute little styrofoam covered in a velvet like material where the products are placed. They are all full size items which is another added bonus. No sample size here.

The colors are swatched below they are beautiful for everyday wear. On my skin tone the color is a beautiful peachy pink tone which is great for spring and summer wear!


I’m not too sure how long this deal will be around! So to avoid missing out go to the website now and get your I will survive set!

Fresh out the box friday: Providing you with the new new for your enjoyment!

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Tight Wallet Tuesday : Wet & Wild Fergie “take on the day eyeshadow primer”

Happy Tight Wallet Tuesday! The best day of the week! The day where we save money and get what we want at the same time! Today’s tight wallet tuesday is about eyeshadow primer! A lot of us love primer, and need primer! No one likes creasing eyeshadow! And some of us never tried eyeshadow primer because we just can’t gather ourselves to pay $20 for a primer. We find other alternatives like applying a concealer all over the eye lid or using a shadow stick! But I have found the best alternative for you! WET & Wild launched a line with Fergie a few months ago! Nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes etc! And they also came out with this Eyeshadow primer! Image

For one I love the name of it “For My Primas” super hip! And second of all I Love the Price $4 and it’s a 0.34 oz Urban Decay’s Primer potion is $20 for 0.37 oz ! $4 seriously I got mine on because it is always sold out at my local walgreens and CVS. And lastly, I love it because it does exactly what it says its going to do! It lasts all day and never creases!

The consistency is a little thinner than the primer potion by urban decay so you definitely get more movement. The color is also neutral so it will work with any skin tone and works well with any eyeshadow color. Color and consistency shown below.


Once again I am impressed with WET & Wild they are definitely giving these other brands a run for their money! Only $4 and it works! I will be ordering another one.

For all of you product junkies on a budget you know what to do! Get one!

TIght Wallet Tuesday: Being Glam on a budget.

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Tight Wallet Tuesday: Wet & Wild Megalast

ImageWatch out now MAC pro long wear lipsticks! Wet and Wild has just launched an amazing forever staying lipstick that seriously does not move! This is stuck to me like glue and I am loving it!

First of all this is a Tight Wallet tuesday because it is only $2.99! Yes I said $2.99! And if you go to CVS sometime this week you can catch the sale buy one get one 50% off ! So you get two colors for the price of $5 bucks! Sure does beat the MAC Prolong wear lipstick price of $23.00 a piece! You can pretty much buy the whole collection from wet & wild and it will still be less than one MAC prolong wear. The only con is there currently not a large selection of colors, maybe like 6 in total.

So I bought 2 lip colors these stood out to me the most, I wanted to give them a try before I went all out.

The pink is Back to the Fuchsia

The red is Red My Mind


These colors are super intense and dry matte. Here is a photo of me wearing “Red my Mind”

wet & wild megalast red your mind


Such a really pretty true red! And the staying power I promise you  is unbelievable. I even tested it out on a napkin after letting it set! No lie, no transfer!

napkin test



DAANG! That’s pretty amazing for $2.99! As always a long wear can be drying, just apply a chapstick or gloss on top when it feels a tad bit dry.

Wet & Wild if you come across this post, as a makeup artist and a product junkie consumer, This is Everything, you guys did good! Just launch more colors and I will be a happy camper!!

To my fellow Glam Gluttonies go to CVS now and treat yourself!

Tight Wallet Tuesday: Being glam on a budget!

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Tight Wallet Tuesday: H&M Beyonce Beachwear Line

ImageBeyonce’s collaboration with H&M launched early this month and not only is it super cute, but it’s super inexpensive! The cute little dress and crop top won’t cost you more than $20 but the biggest shock to be was the price of the Bikini tops and bottoms! Seriously it’s a steal.


We all know that we can easily spend $60 on a pretty cute bathing suit! But Beyonce’s line you spend $10! Yes $10 for the whole thing top and bottom! This is why it is my topic for tight wallet tuesday. 

Summer is right around the corner there is lots of time for the pool, sunbathing and vacation. And we all want to have multiple bathing suits that are super adorable but don’t break the pockets. H&M and BEYONCE did that! 

ImageI got 2 bathing suits, 4 pieces for $20! The coral color i’m absolutely in love with! It has matching bottoms, but i don’t like to match that often. Matching is overrated. But back to costs 20$ That is ridiculously hard to come by. Even at Target we leave there with one bathing suit @ $30.00! Each piece is $4.95 they are very comfortable, chic and well cheap!

Get out to your local H&M and get a few before they are all gone!

That’s your tight wallet tuesday tip for the week.

Tight Wallet Tuesday: Being Glam on a budget.

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Manic Monday: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Purifying Clay Mask Acai

I’ve been gone for a while on an amazing birthday trip to New York but i’m back with another mask review. I figured while unpacking I could throw on a new mask and feed my skin some goodness. So that is exactly what I did. I came across this really inexpensive mask at CVS I believe it was only $3.99. I picked it up because I love Clay masks, I love the idea of them extracting dirt from the pores. And Secondly because it was Acai. We all know the acai is a wonderful antioxidant, and we all know antioxidants fight free radicals so this was a perfect combo for me!


This mask is packed with natural ingredients and not only does it have Acai extract but it includes 
Goji, Pomegranate, Mango, Mangosteen, Cranberry, Noni and Blueberry! The most high packed antioxidant fruits! This is just one amazing fruit basket for the face and it smells just as good too!

It’s main focus is to help with skin damage, soften and brighten the skin.

This can be used two times a week or as often as needed.

Very simple to use: Apply mask to face and neck avoiding the eye area. Let dry, and then rinse with warm water.

Below is a photo with the mask on. I love the consistency of this product it glides on smoothly for a clay mask . Sometimes with a clay mask it’s not as easy to maneuver on the skin this one slipped and slide. 


I wish there was a scratch and sniff feature, because this product smells like fresh fruit heaven.


Here is my Before and After, you can see a little bit of an improvement in brightness. But I can definitely feel the softness of the skin a lot more. For $3.99 this product is totally worth it! It is also a really good mask if you are in a hurry and need a fresh face!


Until the next Manic Monday! Have a good week.

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We Love Lashes : Maybelline Falsies review

Okay SO I know I am off by a day! But we still love lashes on Thursdays so I am back with a review of another mascara! 

Everyone swears by this mascara, and actually I do too! I feel like Maybelline has almost got mascara down to a science! 90% of their mascaras I have tried deliver! Falsies yes this is the deliverer. Long lushes lashes full of life!  They maximize my lashes to the fullest potential ! There is something about that spoon brush that just maximizes my lashes in every aspect without clumping ! 

Here is a photo of my before and after Image

I love me some cost effective mascara that does the job! Because $6 opposed to $30 ill take any day.


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We love lashes all days of the week.

Tight Wallet Tuesday: Bowler Hat Find!

Tight wallet Tuesday is back! And i think this is the best deal I have ever come across, and probably saved the most money on. I never shop at Kohl’s but I was on a hunt for a cute bowler hat! I fell in love with some at goorin bros, but I couldn’t gather myself to pay $75 and up for a hat right now. So i decided to go to my favorite friend and type in bowler hat. One of the first links said Kohl’s so I said okay lets check this out! So I found this cute little black bowler pictured below! Way cute right? Well I will be taking out the feather because it is a little too pimp-ish for me. But never the less a cute bowler. The best part is that this was on sale. Original price was $42.00 knocked down to $8.40 okay so that is already more than 50% off it’s like almost free. And then on top of that kohls had an online promotion of 20% off with the promotion code: BLOOM- which I got off of! which made it like $6! And to top it off I used EBATES and got money back! Okay so it wasn’t that much money back from ebates because it was only like 3% but still. This $42 hat was practically free! Right isnt that an awesome deal if you have a tight wallet! 


So Basically use all of the resources I have given you on previous Tight Wallet Thursdays to maximize your savings! You will be surprised at how much you save!

Tight Wallet Tuesdays: Being glam on a budget.

Friends & Family WIth Ulta 20% off! 2 days only!

ImageWoke up to this email! 2 days only in store and online at ULTA beauty Friends and Family 20% Promotion! So you know those Real Technique Brushes I was just talking about on Tuesday! You can get the buy one get one 50% off and still get 20% off on top of it! Take Advantage, it will Totz be worth it! 

Online Coupon Code: FF20

Hop on it.

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