We Love Lashes Wednesday: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara review

Hi everyone I’m back with another we love lashes Wednesday! The three day weekend totally threw me off and my days were all off! But it is now Wednesday meaning we only have 2 days to the weekend! Yay!
My review today is on Rimmel London’s lash accelerator mascara. When in CVS this totally caught my eye because it is supposed to not only work as a lengthening and volumizing mascara but overtime or their studies show within 30 days your lashes will look 117% longer! Seriously who has ever complained about long lashes! I surely don’t.


So here is my before and afters of using this mascara for the first time! I can definitely see the length and volume aspect. I will continue to use this mascara for the next 30 days and keep record to see if it actually helps my lashes grow!
Ill make sure to update you with my progress!

We love lashes Wednesday! No one has ever said they wished
for less lashes! 😉

I am glam.
I am gluttony.