Tight Wallet Tuesday: Bowler Hat Find!

Tight wallet Tuesday is back! And i think this is the best deal I have ever come across, and probably saved the most money on. I never shop at Kohl’s but I was on a hunt for a cute bowler hat! I fell in love with some at goorin bros, but I couldn’t gather myself to pay $75 and up for a hat right now. So i decided to go to my favorite friend google.com and type in bowler hat. One of the first links said Kohl’s so I said okay lets check this out! So I found this cute little black bowler pictured below! Way cute right? Well I will be taking out the feather because it is a little too pimp-ish for me. But never the less a cute bowler. The best part is that this was on sale. Original price was $42.00 knocked down to $8.40 okay so that is already more than 50% off it’s like almost free. And then on top of that kohls had an online promotion of 20% off with the promotion code: BLOOM- which I got off of retailmenot.com! which made it like $6! And to top it off I used EBATES and got money back! Okay so it wasn’t that much money back from ebates because it was only like 3% but still. This $42 hat was practically free! Right isnt that an awesome deal if you have a tight wallet! 


So Basically use all of the resources I have given you on previous Tight Wallet Thursdays to maximize your savings! You will be surprised at how much you save!

Tight Wallet Tuesdays: Being glam on a budget.

Tight Wallet Tuesday: RetailMeNot.Com

It’s my favorite day of the week! Tight Wallet Tuesday!

Today i’ll be giving you a secret website! Just kidding not that secret. Many of you probably already know about this site, or landed on it while typing in promo code on google. This place is magical if any of you online shop a ton, a majority of online shoppers rather not pay for shipping right? This site not only gives you free shipping codes, but it might even give you an additional 10% or maybe even 25% off your order with free shipping! And because I like to get the BEST BANG For my BUCK, I present to you the website http://www.retailmenot.com.Image

There are many websites very similar to this, but this one is my absolute fav. It’s extremely easy to navigate, when you type the website in the search field it will give you an average of what most consumers have saved and it has literally almost any and every website you can think of!

Also on the homepage it shows you all of todays top coupons!

Some of Tuesday April 16, 2013 Top coupons include:

Macy’s extra 20% off sitewide with free shipping over $75 coupon code: thanks

6pm.com earn points 10% off and free shipping

Walgreens 40% off all photo print orders: coupon code: allprint40

But for you beauty and fashion consumers here are some good discount codes as well:

Sephora.com- Free Tarte BB Cream with any purchase of +$25 code: BBPRIMER

Beauty.com- $10 off order of $50.00 or more

Bobbibrowncosmetics: 20% off sitewide and free shipping on orders over $65

Before doing any online shopping,stop by http://www.retailmenot.com and see what kind of goodies can be included in your order, or great discounts you can receive on an order! And always look for that FREE SHIPPING CODE. Most websites only allow one promotion card, so decide which is more beneficial for you!

Stay tuned for the next tight wallet tuesday!

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