Fine Finger Friday : O.P.I San Francisco collection


I know I’m probably the last person on earth to know about this, better yet blog about it! But this OPI collection!!!


I love San Francisco it’s such a beautiful city with so many beautiful landmarks! And I love it even more because I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This chic little collection includes 15 new OPI shades, 3 of them being liquid sands. The names are super cute to go along with their uber cute colors! Some of my faves to name a few are “it’s all San Andrea’s fault” , ” I knead sour-dough” and ” first date at the golden gate”.

Love love the names they totally speak the heart of San Francisco!

I need to buy a couple of items from this collection! Did anyone buy any? I’d love to know which ones you picked up.

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What’s in the box Wednesday ? : August julep maven


It’s not yet August but it will be tomorrow and my julep maven box has already arrived! Last friday to be exact! I love their speedy service!
This months box theme is celebrating julep mavens second year as a monthly subscription! Yay! Happy two year anniversary!
As always super cute packaging below are some photos of how the box was packed this month..





I thought it was super cute that they included “forget me not seeds” and the message was “thank you for growing with us!” I tell you the marketing ideas with this company are absolutely awesome!

Lastly here are the colors I received this month in my “it girl” package . Nellie which is the deep pink/ magenta color. Fiore which seems to be a deep gray with a purple undertone and also Marjorie an orange with a slight shimmer!


As always I am extremely impressed with my box! Only $19.99 per month with approximately a $45 value per box!

It’s definitely a box worth subscribing too. Interested click the link below let them know I sent you!

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Fine Finger Friday: NCLA x Melody Ehsani Bandana Nail Wraps

photo 1

NCLA a super cool nail/manicure company based out of Southern California! I was always intrigued with their ridiculously Dope Nail wraps and bright nail polish colors. I finally invested in some of their nail wraps and might I add I got tons of compliments on them!

Slightly Gangster and Super Chic at the same time! These bandana nail wraps come with red bandanas and black bandanas! It also includes a nail file! Pictured Below

photo 2

photo 3

And here’s what I did with them! I alternated fingers with a solid white and black nail and some bandanas in between! What do you think?


Im loving them! And I cant wait to rock all the other nail wraps I got! Go check out their websites you’ll fall in love with all the unique nail wraps!

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What’s in the Box Wednesday: Julep Maven July Box

ImageIt is literally Christmas in July! Literally two days after receiving my June Julep Maven box I received my July box! Although this is only my second box with Julep this is my fave! The theme, the packaging, the inserts, the colors of the polish I absolutely love it all.

The theme is “California Coast” it has the golden gate bridge in the background. It’s representing the beautiful San Francisco. Sooo pretty. The colors represent the sun and the ocean. The brown zig zagged tissue represents the sand! This box was just perfectly put together!

The marketing and product development team did an outstanding job!

The colors I received this month are gorgeous as well.

I received Angela the dark navy with teal iridescent.

Nadia the golden yellow

and Tracy the Navy with silver glitter!

Oh yes and we can’t forget the free surprise gift! The Green tea facial blotting papers that I am dying to try!


Don’t forget if you are interested in joining use the link below!

Let them know I sent you!

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What’s in the box Wednesday : Julep Maven June box

I’ve always loved the Idea of these monthly box subscriptions. As a product junkie you always want to try everything you can and the price is usually really worth it! So I was only subscribed to and now I am a julep maven!
I’ve always loved julep nail polish. I just couldn’t gather myself to pay $14 per polish. But with their subscription service you get 3 julep items be it skincare, haircare or nail polish all for $19.99 per month with free shipping!

I got my first box for free as a first timer ! It included two free gifts and my “it girl” nail polishes. 3 nail polishes all pictured below. Since I began subscribing late June this is the June box.





It comes packaged really cute bubble wrapped to ensure safe travels. And it usually has an insert which describes the inspiration for the months choices!

For $19.99 I think it’s totally worth it because for 3 julep polishes alone it would cost you $42 dollars!

If you’re interested click the link below! Let them know I sent you!

or enter  my unique invitation code at sign up: 18864615

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Tight Wallet Tuesday: Sally Hansen Fuzzy coat

  I was absolutely in love with Nails Inc London Feathers nail polish collection. But, I couldn’t gather myself to pay $9.50 per color although they were uber cute! For one I have tons of nail polish and two I would need all 4 shades! I couldn’t decide! So In other words I would be out of about $40 after taxes!


But to my surprise Sally Hansen launched her identical nail polish top coats! Called Fuzzy Coat. She launched a total of 6 or 7 colors. I bought them on sale at Target for $4.50 each. Which means I got 3 for a little more than $13.00 with tax! Here is the 3 colors I bought!


So if you’re like me and have been loving the Nails Inc Feather collection look check out your local target or CVS and get your fuzzy coat by Sally Hansen. No more than $6 retail price! If you’re lucky you’ll catch a break like I did.

Tight wallet Tuesday: Being Glam on a budget.

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What’s in the bag Wednesday? : Ipsy May 2013 Glam Bag

So after months of research I finally gave in and subscribed to the monthly Ipsy glam bag. For one it is only$10 a month well $10.90 with tax! You get a cute little makeup bag with products! Plus its a surprise! Who doesn’t love surprises <3!

So this is my first bag and I decided to do a video opposed to a blog because I know we all get tired of reading. I get lazy and sometimes Id totally rather watch a video or look at pictures. 

Forewarning I’m extremely awkward it’s been a while since i’ve been in front of the camera! So here is my youtube video on the unveiling of my May Ipsy bag.


Products include:

Mirabella Lip Lustre Liner in Hipnotic

Yaby cosmetics concealer in buff

Nume Finishing Serum

Juice Beauty lipgloss in Champagne

Zoya nail polish in blu 


If you want to give ipsy a try click the link below! it’s only $10 a month


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Fine finger Friday: Morgan taylor

Okay so first of all its not friday! But with mothers day and my daughters birthday party i didnt get the chance to post this!
So we all know that I can never go to any store and just get what I went In for! Last week I strolled into cosmoprof to buy the boyfriend some shampoo and came across Morgan Taylor nail polishes! I originally went to the aisle with nail polish to pick up a new gelish polish and saw this line. The manager told me they just started stocking it and i fell in love! So I picked up this color called “on the fringe”. It’s a nice charcoal grey and one coat has amazing color and coverage with great shine ! Here is what the color looks like on





Really nice nail polish line! Cannot wait to try the others! I’m not sure who else sells this besides cosmoprof but I’m sure we can google it and find them! Great colors!

Until the next fine finger Friday!

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Fine Finger Friday’s : OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Review

OPI Mariah liquid sand mini nailSo usually on Friday’s is when I re-paint my nails! This is only if i’m doing a regular manicure with regular nail polish. We all know that by Sunday these regular manicures have chipped! We walk around with embarrassing nails for an additional 2 days and by Wednesday we’ve had it! Wednesday is usually my nail polish removal day, and then I give my nails a breather for a few more days.

Which leads us to this Friday! Fine Finger Fridays today I will be reviewing the Mariah Carey OPI Collab liquid sand nail lacquers! I have actually had these sitting around the house for approximately 6 months and this is the first time i’m trying them! The kit comes with 4 mini liquid sand nail lacquers. It comes in 4 colors Get your Number, Cant Let go, The Impossible and Stay the Night.

Get Your Number:  Matte blue with sparkles

Can’t Let Go: Matte Purple with sparkle

The Impossible: Matte Fuschia with Star confetti

Stay The Night: Matte Black with red glints.

The color of choice today is Stay the Night. These liquid sands are basically like wearing a glitter polish that has a matte finish! It’s quick drying and it eliminates an additional step of applying a matte coat on top!

Stay the Night OPI nail lacquer

Liquid Sand is the perfect name for this polish! Once the nail polish is dry it has the same texture as sand paper!


I can’t believe I waited so long to try these polishes! I can’t wait to try the other 3 colors!

Fine Finger Friday: Reviewing the finest finds for your fingers!

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sephora free toteSo after I wrote my post this morning informing you guys of the VIB 15% off sale at Sephora I literally went into my nearest store. Although this awesome 15% promotion is ongoing though  Monday April 22,2013 I went in store today because the free Sephora tote for VIBS was valid only today and while supplies last. So I got it! That is the cute little tote on the left! It has the Black and white Stripes With a little rectangle in the middle of the bag that says “Sephora” with two black handles.

ImageInside the tote were a few samples, nothing crazy like a deluxe sample. Just simple little packet samples. They probably are random and vary per location. In my package I received too faced eyeshadow insurance which I will probably be able to get one use out of. The other samples I received are the Sephora Collections Super loaded age defy serum, the Sephora collection perfecting ultra smoothing primer and the Sephora age defy moisture cream spf 15. I am actually excited about trying these out because they get pretty good reviews on their website. The last 3 samples included Ole Henriksen sheer transformation which is an oil-free brightening moisturizer , Boscia Purifying cleansing gel and Versace Bright Crystal fragrance which is one of my favorite fragrances!

Now for my HAUL! There are a few things I always debate on and know I really want them but figured I’ll wait until I absolutely need them! I still don’t NEED them but at 15% why the heck not!

ImageMy first must have! GLAMGLOW Mud mask! Don’t you worry! I will be doing a review on this real soon! One of the best masks I have tried! Anyways this set retails at $69. So usually just the 1.2 oz itself cost $69 but you get the 1.2 oz of the super clearing mud mask and you get (2) 0.5 oz of the tingling and exfoliating mud mask. The best deal! And at 15% off you know I had to purchase it.






The other 3 items I got today were just some items that have either been sold out for a while or on sale. So when I ran across them I figured might as well get them while they are 15% off. I have this really weird mentality if its there at the time and i’ve been searching for it then it was meant for me to have it! So these are my meant to be’s!


katvond foil lipstick

KAT VON D Foil Lipstick in “OH MY GOTH” on sale for $8 plus an additional 15% off.

nails inc leather effect boho

NAILS INC Leather Effect Nail Polish in Black- NOHO

This and the Red one are allllwwaays sold out!  Happy to get my hands on it.

and lastly,

naked basics palette



a nice neutral matte must have palette in anyones makeup kit!


Hope you enjoyed my haul from Sephora! Now all you VIB and Beauty Insiders go out there and enjoy your 15% off you have 11 days!

11 days to make an excuse to buy all types of things you do not need but at 15% off you have to HAVE!


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