Turn heads Thursday : Fall 2013 on the runway Maybelline



Took a stroll into the new Walgreens for nothing more than a box for shipping something I needed to return. The first thing I see when I walk in is this gorgeous cardboard display of maybellines fall 2013 on the runway collection!

It was like purple rain! I immediately went crazy and threw all of the purple lipsticks in my basket! Purple is my favorite color and I love it in lipstick form because its screams fashion forward! As I continued to look through what they had to offer, I died when I saw the purple gloss! Omg this gloss color I have never seen anywhere! It was like poisonberry by limecrime in a gloss form!

Here are swatches of the colors I purchased.

This is the gloss colorsensational high shine lipgloss it’s limited edition so get it while you can its called purple royale #295.

Here are the 3 purple lipsticks I purchased! All of these are limited edition as well lavender voltage #1000, violet intrigue #995 and lastly midnight plum #1005!

I am extremely intrigued by the gloss intense pigment below is a photo of just the gloss. There isn’t any lip liner, lipstick or filter!


I am so happy that I randomly ran into this collection on accident! If you love purples go hunt for this limited edition collection it’s bomb!

Turn heads Thursday: make a statement, be glamorous.

I am glam
I am gluttony


Not so Flashback Friday

It was almost like yesterdays shopping adventure was a real life throwback thursday! The nineties are back in full effect! Every where we went there were peace signs, yin yangs, smiley faces, trolls, and even holograms.

I totally felt like I was back in elementary/middle school days. It’s so funny because even though I am almost 29 years young I never thought I would see my generations style come back. Personally I am a sucker for the 90’s although I was born in the 80’s , the mid 80’s that is. I wasn’t old enough to remember how cool the 80’s really were!

The nineties were EVERYTHING. TGI Fridays consisted of staying home on a friday night watching all the coolest back to back shows like family matters with steve urkel, step by step with suzanne somers, and Dinosaurs with the baby who always said “Not the mama.” You would rush home after school to watch Animaniacs, Power Rangers, Full House and Saved by the bell. God, I loved me some Zack Morris and hated Kelly Kapowski when she left him for Jeff the older guy who worked at THE MAX! And had mixed feelings when she got her karma when JEFF was found cheating at the Attic. We can’t forget Lisa Turtle the gossiping fashionista who could not stand Screech!

hahahaha. Oh to be a kid again.

We all wish we could go back in time and relive those moments as a youngin we took for granted . The days when life was oh so carefree . We didn’t have to work, and we didn’t have bills to pay the only thing we had to do was go to school and try our best to get good grades.

Yesterday, for 8 hours of my day I got to relive my childhood and man it really felt amazing. We reminisced on old songs, old poses, old makeup trends and laughed extremely hard.

Here are some photos of us reliving the 90’s.

I am really going to invest in those skull hologram glasses! To think they are $16 dollars I remember finding them at the dollar store back in the day! And you know you can’t forget the dark lip liner Chestnut from MAC, and your frosty lipstick inside. Better yet, maybe just your Wet & Wild concealer in the middle! hahahaah


We are definitely “Too LEGIT too QUIT”

Happy Good Friday to everyone and have a Happy Easter!

I am Glam

I am Gluttony.