Turn heads Thursday : Fall 2013 on the runway Maybelline



Took a stroll into the new Walgreens for nothing more than a box for shipping something I needed to return. The first thing I see when I walk in is this gorgeous cardboard display of maybellines fall 2013 on the runway collection!

It was like purple rain! I immediately went crazy and threw all of the purple lipsticks in my basket! Purple is my favorite color and I love it in lipstick form because its screams fashion forward! As I continued to look through what they had to offer, I died when I saw the purple gloss! Omg this gloss color I have never seen anywhere! It was like poisonberry by limecrime in a gloss form!

Here are swatches of the colors I purchased.

This is the gloss colorsensational high shine lipgloss it’s limited edition so get it while you can its called purple royale #295.

Here are the 3 purple lipsticks I purchased! All of these are limited edition as well lavender voltage #1000, violet intrigue #995 and lastly midnight plum #1005!

I am extremely intrigued by the gloss intense pigment below is a photo of just the gloss. There isn’t any lip liner, lipstick or filter!


I am so happy that I randomly ran into this collection on accident! If you love purples go hunt for this limited edition collection it’s bomb!

Turn heads Thursday: make a statement, be glamorous.

I am glam
I am gluttony


What’s in the bag Wednesday? : Ipsy May 2013 Glam Bag

So after months of research I finally gave in and subscribed to the monthly Ipsy glam bag. For one it is only$10 a month well $10.90 with tax! You get a cute little makeup bag with products! Plus its a surprise! Who doesn’t love surprises <3!

So this is my first bag and I decided to do a video opposed to a blog because I know we all get tired of reading. I get lazy and sometimes Id totally rather watch a video or look at pictures. 

Forewarning I’m extremely awkward it’s been a while since i’ve been in front of the camera! So here is my youtube video on the unveiling of my May Ipsy bag.


Products include:

Mirabella Lip Lustre Liner in Hipnotic

Yaby cosmetics concealer in buff

Nume Finishing Serum

Juice Beauty lipgloss in Champagne

Zoya nail polish in blu 


If you want to give ipsy a try click the link below! it’s only $10 a month



I am glam.

I am gluttony.