Turn heads Thursday : Fall 2013 on the runway Maybelline



Took a stroll into the new Walgreens for nothing more than a box for shipping something I needed to return. The first thing I see when I walk in is this gorgeous cardboard display of maybellines fall 2013 on the runway collection!

It was like purple rain! I immediately went crazy and threw all of the purple lipsticks in my basket! Purple is my favorite color and I love it in lipstick form because its screams fashion forward! As I continued to look through what they had to offer, I died when I saw the purple gloss! Omg this gloss color I have never seen anywhere! It was like poisonberry by limecrime in a gloss form!

Here are swatches of the colors I purchased.

This is the gloss colorsensational high shine lipgloss it’s limited edition so get it while you can its called purple royale #295.

Here are the 3 purple lipsticks I purchased! All of these are limited edition as well lavender voltage #1000, violet intrigue #995 and lastly midnight plum #1005!

I am extremely intrigued by the gloss intense pigment below is a photo of just the gloss. There isn’t any lip liner, lipstick or filter!


I am so happy that I randomly ran into this collection on accident! If you love purples go hunt for this limited edition collection it’s bomb!

Turn heads Thursday: make a statement, be glamorous.

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Tight Wallet Tuesday : Silver and Gold Dr. Martens

How many of you have shopped on hautelook.com?! I love that website! But what do I love more than that website super great deals that help the pocket instead of hurt the pocket! Which is why this is today’s tight wallet Tuesday!

I am a sucker for Docs aka Dr. Martens! I think it’s because after moving back to San Francisco from Los Angeles the weather is a lot cooler and I can Rock boots all the time! Plus I had a pair in the 90s that i loved dearly and the styles they come up with lately are just too cute not to!
So these silver and gold Leyton style docs I first ran across at the Dr martens store in soho New York and fell in love! Instead of a boot they are a leather sneaker super comfy and super cute! I know I needed then both but wasn’t ready to spend $80 per shoe!

Patience is definitely virtue because approximately 3 months later they were on hautelook! Yes hautelook! I was so excited and was thinking do I get them both?! And of course me the over consumer says “duh of course !” The price was $20 cheaper they were going for $59 each! So yes! I got both pairs for a little under $120 got free shipping and I am a happy camper!

If you are ever looking for great deals try hautelook! they have name brand deals for the house, the kids, men, women and beauty for less!

Those are my cute little shoes below! Don’t you love them??



Tight wallet Tuesday: being glam on a budget!

Fine Finger Friday: NCLA x Melody Ehsani Bandana Nail Wraps

photo 1

NCLA a super cool nail/manicure company based out of Southern California! I was always intrigued with their ridiculously Dope Nail wraps and bright nail polish colors. I finally invested in some of their nail wraps and might I add I got tons of compliments on them!

Slightly Gangster and Super Chic at the same time! These bandana nail wraps come with red bandanas and black bandanas! It also includes a nail file! Pictured Below

photo 2

photo 3

And here’s what I did with them! I alternated fingers with a solid white and black nail and some bandanas in between! What do you think?


Im loving them! And I cant wait to rock all the other nail wraps I got! Go check out their websites you’ll fall in love with all the unique nail wraps!


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Reblog: posting other people’s blogs on your blog.

I have tons and tons of gifted and talented friends! A lot of them are a jack of all trades! For example my friend Abe creator of his new line “All Black Everything” aka ABE! That’s super creative in itself has began to launch items here and there from his upcoming line! He just got in his new hat “REBLOG” because as a blogger the feeling of getting your posts reblogged is pretty cool! Knowing that someone out there thinks that what you post or what you’re saying is worth reposting makes you feel like “wow I’m actually reaching people”!
Like I mentioned my friends are extremely talented Abe is also a photographer! We did a quick 3 minute photo shoot. I modeled for him his new hat “Reblog”! Here are some photos from the shoot



If interested in purchasing a hat follow Abe’s all black everything on Instagram @shopallblackeverything


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Thrift Adventure Thursdays: Reconstructed Vintage Crop tops 31 RAX

One of my really close friends Stephanie owns her own little amazing thrift store in the mission district of San Francisco ! The name of the store is 31 rax If you are ever in the area please visit and let her know that Charrie sent you! She has some great finds and great ideas. I recently modeled for her new reconstructed vintage crop tops. Her and her team have flipped long dresses, polyester long sleeves, and old t-shirts into completely fab items for summer! Here are a few photos of me rockin the goodness! 



If you get the opportunity stop by her store! Go on her website http://www.31rax.com! Follow her on @instagram : @31rax. You will be able to keep track all of the amazing things going on in her store, fashion shows they are rockin, or new items that arrived!

Oh btw, my shorts are also made by another one of my super creative amazing friends Michelle! Who also has her own reconstructed vintage website http://www.refinedsf.com! Check her out too! ❤

Thrift Adventure Thursdays: Flippin old sh*t and making it new again!

Turn heads Thursday: Illamasqua Fierce intense lipgloss

It’s Thursday! One day closer to the weekend and it’s time to turn heads! Take a step out of your comfort zone and try a color on your lips that screams out DOPE!
My color choice for today is purple! Purple is one of my fav colors and there are currently so many pigmented purple lipsticks out there!
This color on my lips is a true bright blue purple! The craziest part about it is that its a gloss. There is no lip liner and no lipstick underneath just pure gloss! If you have not tried illamasquas intense lipglosses I suggest you take a browse on http://www.illamasqua.com or stroll over to a sephora near you that sells illamasqua.

This purple is called Fierce and couldn’t have been named better! Super fierce! Throw this on with a simple eye maybe a winged out liner some bronzer and call it a day!

This lipgloss retails for $22 and a little goes a long way with this crazy intense pigment!

You will for sure be turning heads! Stay fierce my friends.

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Store My HEART- www.TOBI.COM

Hey guys it’s my first post on STORE (stole) My HEART <3! So I know this website has been around for a while! I actually did makeup for their website about 8 years ago, but the new site is totally flipped with great marketing and great clothes!  The website is Tobi.com! It has really cute dresses, shoes, lingerie. It is reasonably priced and best of all when you sign up for the website you get an email for 50% off your first order! Also they give 30% off new items for the first 7 days which is also really really cool.

The other great thing they do is if you refer 5 friends to their website you get another 50% off coupon on your next order! So everyone go sign up tell them I sent you! Here is the link https://www.tobi.com/i/MTI2MTU1Mw==

You get 50% off I get 50 % off we both win!

So go ahead and take a look you won’t be disappointed! http://www.tobi.com

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Tight Wallet Tuesday: H&M Beyonce Beachwear Line

ImageBeyonce’s collaboration with H&M launched early this month and not only is it super cute, but it’s super inexpensive! The cute little dress and crop top won’t cost you more than $20 but the biggest shock to be was the price of the Bikini tops and bottoms! Seriously it’s a steal.


We all know that we can easily spend $60 on a pretty cute bathing suit! But Beyonce’s line you spend $10! Yes $10 for the whole thing top and bottom! This is why it is my topic for tight wallet tuesday. 

Summer is right around the corner there is lots of time for the pool, sunbathing and vacation. And we all want to have multiple bathing suits that are super adorable but don’t break the pockets. H&M and BEYONCE did that! 

ImageI got 2 bathing suits, 4 pieces for $20! The coral color i’m absolutely in love with! It has matching bottoms, but i don’t like to match that often. Matching is overrated. But back to costs 20$ That is ridiculously hard to come by. Even at Target we leave there with one bathing suit @ $30.00! Each piece is $4.95 they are very comfortable, chic and well cheap!

Get out to your local H&M and get a few before they are all gone!

That’s your tight wallet tuesday tip for the week.

Tight Wallet Tuesday: Being Glam on a budget.

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Tight Wallet Tuesday: Bowler Hat Find!

Tight wallet Tuesday is back! And i think this is the best deal I have ever come across, and probably saved the most money on. I never shop at Kohl’s but I was on a hunt for a cute bowler hat! I fell in love with some at goorin bros, but I couldn’t gather myself to pay $75 and up for a hat right now. So i decided to go to my favorite friend google.com and type in bowler hat. One of the first links said Kohl’s so I said okay lets check this out! So I found this cute little black bowler pictured below! Way cute right? Well I will be taking out the feather because it is a little too pimp-ish for me. But never the less a cute bowler. The best part is that this was on sale. Original price was $42.00 knocked down to $8.40 okay so that is already more than 50% off it’s like almost free. And then on top of that kohls had an online promotion of 20% off with the promotion code: BLOOM- which I got off of retailmenot.com! which made it like $6! And to top it off I used EBATES and got money back! Okay so it wasn’t that much money back from ebates because it was only like 3% but still. This $42 hat was practically free! Right isnt that an awesome deal if you have a tight wallet! 


So Basically use all of the resources I have given you on previous Tight Wallet Thursdays to maximize your savings! You will be surprised at how much you save!

Tight Wallet Tuesdays: Being glam on a budget.

Tight Wallet Tuesday: RetailMeNot.Com

It’s my favorite day of the week! Tight Wallet Tuesday!

Today i’ll be giving you a secret website! Just kidding not that secret. Many of you probably already know about this site, or landed on it while typing in promo code on google. This place is magical if any of you online shop a ton, a majority of online shoppers rather not pay for shipping right? This site not only gives you free shipping codes, but it might even give you an additional 10% or maybe even 25% off your order with free shipping! And because I like to get the BEST BANG For my BUCK, I present to you the website http://www.retailmenot.com.Image

There are many websites very similar to this, but this one is my absolute fav. It’s extremely easy to navigate, when you type the website in the search field it will give you an average of what most consumers have saved and it has literally almost any and every website you can think of!

Also on the homepage it shows you all of todays top coupons!

Some of Tuesday April 16, 2013 Top coupons include:

Macy’s extra 20% off sitewide with free shipping over $75 coupon code: thanks

6pm.com earn points 10% off and free shipping

Walgreens 40% off all photo print orders: coupon code: allprint40

But for you beauty and fashion consumers here are some good discount codes as well:

Sephora.com- Free Tarte BB Cream with any purchase of +$25 code: BBPRIMER

Beauty.com- $10 off order of $50.00 or more

Bobbibrowncosmetics: 20% off sitewide and free shipping on orders over $65

Before doing any online shopping,stop by http://www.retailmenot.com and see what kind of goodies can be included in your order, or great discounts you can receive on an order! And always look for that FREE SHIPPING CODE. Most websites only allow one promotion card, so decide which is more beneficial for you!

Stay tuned for the next tight wallet tuesday!

Being glam on a budget.

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