Tuesday Shoes Day! – Nike SkyHi Dunk Sneakerboot


Tuesday Shoes Day! Hello everyone long time no see and Happy Early Thanksgiving! So I’ve been away for a while but I am back to blog about the things I am absolutely in love with beauty and fashion! And most importantly one of my top weaknesses besides makeup and skincare! Shoes!! Tuesday is usually “Tight Wallet Tuesday” but I have added a new topic due to my other addiction. Tuesday Shoes Day! 

My featured shoe today is the Nike Sky Hi Dunk Sneakerboot! Priced at $180


These shoes are to die for.

For one these include the hidden wedge, the color scheme is bomb, and the duck boot toe on this screams fall! It comes in three color schemes. Olive, A cream, and an all black. 


The olive is my ultimate favorite and I cannot wait to get my hands on these! 

What do you guys think of these beauties? I’m in love.


Tuesday Shoes Day. Im in love.

I am glam.

I am gluttony.



Store My HEART- www.TOBI.COM

Hey guys it’s my first post on STORE (stole) My HEART <3! So I know this website has been around for a while! I actually did makeup for their website about 8 years ago, but the new site is totally flipped with great marketing and great clothes!  The website is Tobi.com! It has really cute dresses, shoes, lingerie. It is reasonably priced and best of all when you sign up for the website you get an email for 50% off your first order! Also they give 30% off new items for the first 7 days which is also really really cool.

The other great thing they do is if you refer 5 friends to their website you get another 50% off coupon on your next order! So everyone go sign up tell them I sent you! Here is the link https://www.tobi.com/i/MTI2MTU1Mw==

You get 50% off I get 50 % off we both win!

So go ahead and take a look you won’t be disappointed! http://www.tobi.com

I am glam.

I am gluttony