Tight Wallet Tuesday: Ebate it! Ebates.com Review

It’s my favorite topic of the week! Tight Wallet Tuesdays! Today I will be telling you how to spend money and get money at the same time! Sounds crazy and sounds like there is a catch right?! But Nope this website is super duper legit!

It has been around since about 1999, but I just discovered it 6 months ago! I really wish I would have known about it sooner because you literally get money back for spending money. My first check I ever received was for $23.95 not too shabby! That will put some gas in your car or buy you a couple of good meals!

The best part about it is there are tons of different stores who participate with ebates. The cash back percentage fluctuates depending on the online store but I will give you the current rates of some of my fav places to shop!

SEPHORA.COM- 4.0% Cash back (sometimes 8.0% cash back)

NARSCOSMETICS.COM-4.0% cash back


DRUGSTORE.COM- 6.0% cash back

BEAUTY.COM- 6.0% cash back


NORDSTROM- 5.0% cash back

MACYS- 6.0% cash back


This is one of the best inventions ever! The only thing is you have to always remember to access whatever stores website through ebates in order to track and accumulate your dollars!

Here is a screenshot of my current account! I am currently expecting the amount of $54.24! That I will use to shop some more! I am addicted to this site, and I promise you will too.

If you dont already have an ebates account click the link below :


And let them know Charrie Lanette referred you! You won’t be disappointed!

You’re basically being paid to shop! That’s everyones dream job!

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