Fine finger Friday: Morgan taylor

Okay so first of all its not friday! But with mothers day and my daughters birthday party i didnt get the chance to post this!
So we all know that I can never go to any store and just get what I went In for! Last week I strolled into cosmoprof to buy the boyfriend some shampoo and came across Morgan Taylor nail polishes! I originally went to the aisle with nail polish to pick up a new gelish polish and saw this line. The manager told me they just started stocking it and i fell in love! So I picked up this color called “on the fringe”. It’s a nice charcoal grey and one coat has amazing color and coverage with great shine ! Here is what the color looks like on





Really nice nail polish line! Cannot wait to try the others! I’m not sure who else sells this besides cosmoprof but I’m sure we can google it and find them! Great colors!

Until the next fine finger Friday!

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