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GLAMOUR PAGE are you on it?!

So I just found about this cute little website called Glamour Page and joined! It’s a really cool website that you can browse through and enjoy tutorials and reviews of products! ALL BEAUTY RELATED! Who doesn’t like to read reviews about that mascara they were dying to try, or that moisturizer they heard about! Or better yet that hairstyle that you have been trying to achieve, I bet you there is a tutorial for that! Go join ! It seems pretty fun! Find me I’m on there! 🙂 


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We Love Lashes Wednesday: Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition

ImageThese weeks fly by so quickly! Here it is wednesday again! Two days closer to the weekend and back with another Lash review!

Today I will be reviewing Shiseido’s Perfect Mascara Full definition. I received this as a sample in an online Sephora order, I am a sucker for samples and think it is a great way to try a product before investing your money! Because like most I hate returning.

Anyways about the mascara.

This shiseido mascara is designed to add volume, length and also separate the lashes. It is also mentioned to be non clumping, and contain the ingredient camellia oil complex to keep the lashes healthy and conditioned. It can be purchased in two colors: black and dark brown. It is $24.00 for a 0.29 oz size.


Up above is my before and after of the Shiseido mascara. Although you can see a difference in volume, it is not one of my favorite mascaras. I have personally seen more volume and length in other mascaras. I also noticed it beginning to clump more than expected during the second application of product.

I personally would not purchase this product at $24. It might not work for me, but it just might work for someone else. It does definitely give some results but not the results I am looking for.  And this is the perfect example of why I love samples! I was able to give it a go without having buyers remorse!

Until the next we love lashes wednesday.

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We Love Lashes : Maybelline Falsies review

Okay SO I know I am off by a day! But we still love lashes on Thursdays so I am back with a review of another mascara! 

Everyone swears by this mascara, and actually I do too! I feel like Maybelline has almost got mascara down to a science! 90% of their mascaras I have tried deliver! Falsies yes this is the deliverer. Long lushes lashes full of life!  They maximize my lashes to the fullest potential ! There is something about that spoon brush that just maximizes my lashes in every aspect without clumping ! 

Here is a photo of my before and after Image

I love me some cost effective mascara that does the job! Because $6 opposed to $30 ill take any day.


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We love lashes all days of the week.

We Love Lashes Wednesday!- Covergirl Clump Crusher Review

There’s one thing in the world besides your eyebrows that you need to make any makeup look complete and that is LASHES! Falsies or Mascara, your choice but you must use! Lashes bring out the glam in all of us.

For this weeks WE LOVE LASHES Wednesday I chose to try one of the newest mascaras from Covergirl called the Clump Crusher. Every time I see the commercial on the TV I tell myself I gotta try that. It was even more beneficial for me to try it because this week CVS has a buy one get one 50% off deal on Covergirl cosmetics! So I picked up the Clump Crusher as well as my staple mascara which is the Covergirl Lashblast in the orange packaging.Image

The new Clump Crushers claim to fame is 0 clumps and 200% more volume! When trying this on myself I noticed that I really did not have any clumping. I applied two coats on the top and bottom lashes. Usually when using a mascara on my bottom lashes this is where i notice the most clumping. I have to say I did not get any clumping even with my second coat. The fine tooth comb like bristles on the brush evenly comb out the lashes and distribute the product evenly. I also like this mascara because it is water resistant. I am not a big fan of waterproof mascara because it is so difficult to take off the lashes and you end up pulling out your own lashes in order to remove product. Image

Considering we are supposed to change our mascara on a monthly basis, and have it for no more than 3 months I would definitely purchase this mascara again. It does what it says it’s going to do, it has multiple colors: brown, dark brown, black and very black. It volumizes the lashes and I can definitely vouch for the 0 clumps! It’s cost effective only $8.99 or if you find a good promotion you can get two for $12 and stock up for the next month! You can’t beat that.

Here are my lashes before the mascara.


Here are my lashes with the Very Black Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara


I actually enjoy this mascara a lot! I tend to not get much volume with most mascaras and seeing the after picture the volume is definitely there! Thanks Covergirl for creating another awesome product that doesn’t break the pockets!

We Love Lashes Wednesday: Stay tuned for the next lash review.

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