Changing Skin. Changing Lives. Rodan and Fields.

Who loves skin? I do! As you all know I am a product junkie not just for makeup but for all cosmetics including fragrances and my biggest obsession lately has been Skincare! Why you ask? Because this year I will be 30 years old and I have slowly noticed little signs of aging. Instead of waiting until I’m extremely wrinkled and have to attempt to get botox i’ve decided to take a preventative measure and start now. 

Why else do i love skin? Because as a makeup artist I have learned that beautiful makeup ultimately starts with flawless beautiful skin. I don’t use makeup to mask imperfections but instead to enhance beautiful features.
I recently came across a line called Rodan and Fields! This little gem of a skincare line was created by the same dermatologists that created proactiv. We all know proactiv the acne fighting skincare line that have helped many kids, teens ,adults and celebs! It’s helped them with their acne that created insecurities.
Well, they have also created 4 different lines under the Rodan and Fields skincare line, there is something for everyones skin concern and the results are phenomenal. The 4 lines are Redefine, Soothe, Reverse and Unblemish.
1. Redefine it is great for fine lines and wrinkles, tightness and firmness of skin.
Below is a before and after photo of someone using the redefine regimen the results are mind blowing. This clients crows feet have minimized after only 2.5 months of use.


2. Reverse a wonderful regimen that helps with evening out skin tone, brightening skin, and helps with hyper pigmentation. Look at the unbelievable before and afters on this client. 7d3695857833e3fcf2c4011b36081c50

3. Soothe an awesome line created for those with sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin. I use this on my daughters eczema and have seen great results, and she is less itchy. The results with soothe are so great some feel relief within minutes.

4. And last but not least is the unblemish line great for those with acne, many acne prone clients have seen results very quickly and have also minimized the appearance of dark spots that some people get from acne.

Every single line with Rodan and fields is so wonderful. We have something for everyone. After using it I loved it soo much I decided to be an Independent Consultant for the company because I believe in their products! If you have any questions, want samples or want to purchase products you can go to my website.
or email me at
want to join my team


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