Reblog: posting other people’s blogs on your blog.

I have tons and tons of gifted and talented friends! A lot of them are a jack of all trades! For example my friend Abe creator of his new line “All Black Everything” aka ABE! That’s super creative in itself has began to launch items here and there from his upcoming line! He just got in his new hat “REBLOG” because as a blogger the feeling of getting your posts reblogged is pretty cool! Knowing that someone out there thinks that what you post or what you’re saying is worth reposting makes you feel like “wow I’m actually reaching people”!
Like I mentioned my friends are extremely talented Abe is also a photographer! We did a quick 3 minute photo shoot. I modeled for him his new hat “Reblog”! Here are some photos from the shoot



If interested in purchasing a hat follow Abe’s all black everything on Instagram @shopallblackeverything


I am glam.
I am gluttony.


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