My First Nomination! One Lovely Blogger Award

ImageFirst and foremost super shocked! But most of all Thank you to “Pretty Little Beauty Blog” for nominating for this award!

I have been doing this blog thing since the end of MARCH and I absolutely love it! I got laid off from my corporate job always wanted to blog! Timing could not have been better! I have a lot more time to do what I love! I have got a lot of great feedback on my blog, my instagram : @glamgluttony, and also on my twitter @glamgluttony. So go ahead and follow me on those social networks as well!

Now for the rules of the award:

* Thank the person who nominated you

*Add the “one lovely blogger” image to your post

*Share 7 things about you

*Pass the award to 7 nominees

*Inform the nominees by posting on their blog

So now that I have thanked my blogger friend Pretty Little Beauty Blog, and have my image up i’ll give you 7 things about me.

1. I am a professional makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist. I have been doing makeup for 11 years. You can check out my portfolio on

2. I have a 5 year old daughter named Londyn Chanel.

3. I am a Taurus. My birthday is April 26.

4. Until my junior year in high school I was a tomboy, and wore a lot of Jordans, and Nikes.

5. I am the youngest girl of 7 kids! I am lucky #7

6. I did tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop dance from 3 years to 21.

7. I have a shopping addiction, and I probably need an Intervention. 🙂

The 7 bloggers I would like to pass this award to is :








I hate being limited to choose a certain amount! But the rules said 7 so those are the 7 im going with! Thanks again to Pretty Little Beauty blog for the nomination and always supporting my new little blog! Good luck to everyone else! Cheers

I am glam.

I am gluttony.

-Charrie Lanette


3 thoughts on “My First Nomination! One Lovely Blogger Award

  1. Thanks a lot.. your portfolio is impressive.. keep it up! I am a Scorpio, and have an 8 year old son, i too was a tomboy till 7th grade, but i am the middle one among three sisters.. 🙂

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