Tight Wallet Tuesday: H&M Beyonce Beachwear Line

ImageBeyonce’s collaboration with H&M launched early this month and not only is it super cute, but it’s super inexpensive! The cute little dress and crop top won’t cost you more than $20 but the biggest shock to be was the price of the Bikini tops and bottoms! Seriously it’s a steal.


We all know that we can easily spend $60 on a pretty cute bathing suit! But Beyonce’s line you spend $10! Yes $10 for the whole thing top and bottom! This is why it is my topic for tight wallet tuesday. 

Summer is right around the corner there is lots of time for the pool, sunbathing and vacation. And we all want to have multiple bathing suits that are super adorable but don’t break the pockets. H&M and BEYONCE did that! 

ImageI got 2 bathing suits, 4 pieces for $20! The coral color i’m absolutely in love with! It has matching bottoms, but i don’t like to match that often. Matching is overrated. But back to costs 20$ That is ridiculously hard to come by. Even at Target we leave there with one bathing suit @ $30.00! Each piece is $4.95 they are very comfortable, chic and well cheap!

Get out to your local H&M and get a few before they are all gone!

That’s your tight wallet tuesday tip for the week.

Tight Wallet Tuesday: Being Glam on a budget.

I am glam.

I am gluttony.




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