Tight Wallet Tuesday: Bowler Hat Find!

Tight wallet Tuesday is back! And i think this is the best deal I have ever come across, and probably saved the most money on. I never shop at Kohl’s but I was on a hunt for a cute bowler hat! I fell in love with some at goorin bros, but I couldn’t gather myself to pay $75 and up for a hat right now. So i decided to go to my favorite friend google.com and type in bowler hat. One of the first links said Kohl’s so I said okay lets check this out! So I found this cute little black bowler pictured below! Way cute right? Well I will be taking out the feather because it is a little too pimp-ish for me. But never the less a cute bowler. The best part is that this was on sale. Original price was $42.00 knocked down to $8.40 okay so that is already more than 50% off it’s like almost free. And then on top of that kohls had an online promotion of 20% off with the promotion code: BLOOM- which I got off of retailmenot.com! which made it like $6! And to top it off I used EBATES and got money back! Okay so it wasn’t that much money back from ebates because it was only like 3% but still. This $42 hat was practically free! Right isnt that an awesome deal if you have a tight wallet! 


So Basically use all of the resources I have given you on previous Tight Wallet Thursdays to maximize your savings! You will be surprised at how much you save!

Tight Wallet Tuesdays: Being glam on a budget.


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