We Love Lashes Wednesday- Tarte Cosmetics

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time to review a new mascara! Because I love lashes! Better yet EVERYONE loves lashes! And since I am a product junkie I’m still on the hunt to find my PERFECT mascara.

Today’s lash victim is Tarte Cosmetics. I chose to try a primer this time around which I don’t usually do because they never really work out in my favor. I chose the Tarte Lash Primer along with the Tarte Lights Camera lashes mascara in black. I received these in a sample package from a Sephora order and I am glad I did. One reason I am glad i got these as a sample is because the Primeeyes Tarte Lash Primer alone is $22 and if this is something that I will be needing to replace once every 3 months I need to make sure the investment is worth it! And secondly, I love sample mascaras because for some reason the smaller brush in the sample size and the miniature size handle works better for me and my tiny hands!

So let’s talk about what the product is supposed to do:

Tarte Lash Primer: High performance primer with natural ingredients (Hydroplant) to enhance volume and length of lashes.

Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes! : 4 in 1 mascara designed to lengthen, curl, volumize and condition. Tarte’s motto a push up bra for your lashes! It’s active ingredient for conditioning the lashes is Olive Esters.


So here is a photo of my lashes before, lashes with primer, and lashes with primer and mascara.

I definitely noticed an increase in volume and length. Next time around I would love to try it with just the mascara alone to see the amount of length and volume I get from just the Mascara. Plus the primer made it a little clumpier than I usually like my lashes to look. But, you can totally see the primer does it’s job because my lashes definitely lengthened and thickened within one application. The primer and mascara definitely talk the talk and I would rate it a 6 out of 10 and that is only for the bunching of the lashes with the primer

The best thing about Tarte cosmetics is that it is made with less chemicals and these products are formulated without parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic fragrance, and triclosan. Perfect for someone who wants to find a cosmetic line that is more on the natural side.

We Love Lashes Wednesday! – on the journey to find MY PERFECT mascara.

I am glam.

I am gluttony.

2 thoughts on “We Love Lashes Wednesday- Tarte Cosmetics

  1. I adore Tarte products, I have the foundation and the selling point for me was definitely it having less chemicals. My eyes have been getting more sensitive to my mascara lately to I might have to try this out to see how it does. 🙂

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