Thrift Adventure Thursdays

In my freetime I love to go shopping at thrift stores! It all began with my mom back in middle school, she loved to go to thrift stores for antique like furniture, lamps, etc. While she was looking at furniture, I would venture around the store and find myself looking at clothes, jewelry etc. I loved finding things that I wouldn’t necessarily find at a common store like wetseal or forever 21.

My other favorite place to go shopping for vintage goods was my mom’s closet. She managed to keep some amazing pieces from the 70’s that I still wear to this day. Cute little jump suits, sequined tube tops, cork wedges and all in awesome condition.

So when I do feel like thrifting my life away there are a handful of friends I know to take with me! They are kind of like my lucky charms for thrifting. If I go with them I manage to find some of the best items. And if they go without me they might just find something they think I would like and pick it up for me.

For example, my item for today! My Dooney and Bourke vintage bowler bag. This was a gift from one of my closest friends Jessamyn. She is like the queen of thrifting. She manages to find all kinds of awesome designer handbags, belts, earrings. She has an eye for it and is definitely my lady luck when going on a thrifting excursion.

Here is my lovely bowler it is the nice taupe color with the caramel brown leather trim. Image

Considering it is a thrifted item is really clean on the outside as well as the inside. There is not a scratch in sight.



I am absolutely in love with this present and I can’t wait to rock it.

There are so many amazing thrift stores out there! In the San Francisco bay area we have tons of options from stores in the east bay, the peninsula, walnut creek and right in the heart of san francisco. To find one in your area you can also YELP thrift stores and see what pops up! Thrifting is awesome if you are a baller on a budget!

Or if..

” You wanna pop some tags only got $20 in your pocket..” (thrift shop song)

Hunt, and look for a come up. I promise it will be pretty awesome! 🙂

Don’t be ashamed to thrift.

I am glam.

I am gluttony.


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