Knock it off the Bucket List!

First and foremost this is a little far off from my normal blog entries not really beauty or fashion, but I had to share because it’s too exciting to not share! Actually it does work because she is a Covergirl!

So yesterday one of my many dreams came true! My boyfriend and I were audience members at my favorite talk show! ELLEN! We all love Ellen right? She is witty, kind hearted, and just you know? The BEST!




On any given day you know that at 4:00 pm when you turn on your television to watch Ellen you are going to laugh! She is the perfect pick me upper when you are having a crappy day.  Experiencing it live is even more unbelievable, you are surrounded by hundreds of other Ellen Fans and the energy in the place words can’t even explain.

I probably would have blogged immediately after the show, but we learned some secrets that could not be released . But since the cat is now out the bag, they are making a Finding Nemo Part 2! It’s going to be called Finding Dory! I loved Dory (voice of Ellen) In Finding Nemo Part 1! I can only imagine how funny the sequel is going to be.

We also had great guests! Eva Mendes and John Mayer! Eva Mendes talked about her new movie with the Mr. Sexy himself Ryan Gosling “Place Beyond the Pines.” Which I cannot wait to watch. John Mayer sang for the first time in 3 years since his medical problem with his vocal chords. It was such an amazing experience and I am so thankful to be able to experience this in my lifetime.

We also got really awesome prizes.. Pictured Below Image

(John Mayer tickets to his concert, finding nemo dvd, and the New John Mayer CD)

Don’t forget to watch at 4pm today, just might see me.

Blessed to say the least.

I am glam.


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