Allow me to reintroduce myself..

Who is this girl behind the blog?

ImageHi I am Charrie Lanette a 28 soon to be 29 year old girl.  I am San Francisco Bay area born and raised. I lived in Los Angeles for a little over two years. LA helped me find myself and mold me into who I am today. Like most I am Addicted to retail and Inspired by fashion. I am a Dreamer,and I dream big. Music and a good book is my sanity, it takes me away and allows me to use my imagination.ImageI am the Mother of one amazing little girl named Londyn Chanel she is the sunshine of my life, she constantly motivates me to better myself as a person, a mother, and as a friend.ImageIn between time I am a makeup artist and cosmetologist, I put in 1600 long hours to get that license and it was definitely gratifying. As a makeup artist I set my goals high and while in Los Angeles I was able to achieve about 80% of my goals! Not too bad. I have a lot more goals to achieve, and I will get to them when the time is right.As of now i’m focusing on being a Mom. I am still young and have a whole lot of life to live ! Plus I will have tons of time to refocus on my makeup when Londyn becomes a teenager and doesn’t have time for mommy. In the meantime, you can catch me freelancing and glamorizing brides for their special day.

And lastly I have the best friends ever invented, better known as “THE COUGS”. My friends are probably some of the most creative people on the planet. They are all really cute,  hysterically funny, super witty and independent .  They are kind of like a boyfriend, they drive you completely insane and keep you sane at the same damn time. But most of all we support each other, and they are one of the best support systems I have! I also have a boyfriend who is pretty amazing too <3!


Well that’s me in a nutshell! A little bit about the girl behind the blog.

Charrie Lanette


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